Anti Ragging

In exercising the powers conferred by sub-section (1) of section 9 of the Andhra Pradesh prohibition of Ragging Act, 1997 (A.P Act 26 of 1997) that the mechanism of educational institutions should incorporate Anti-Ragging Committee as one of the important parts as per the guidelines of UGC under the act of 1956, which is modified as UGC regulations on curbing the menace of Ragging in higher educational institutions, 2009.

Anti-Ragging Committee will be the supervisory and advisory committee in preserving a culture of ragging free Environment in the college campus. The institution has been addressing ragging issues, if any, of various students through the committee.

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The committee for the Academic year 2021-22 has been constituted with the following members.

S. NoName of the MembersDesignationRole in the Committee
2D. RAJA REDDYVice-PrincipalCo-ordinator
3T. ANJANEYULULecturerMember
4K AMEEDA BEELecturerMember
5M. AISHWARYAStudentMember
6K. SUNEELStudentMember


The main objectives of this committee are as follows:

  • To direct the students to implement the following functions to curb the ragging in the campus.
  • To conduct the periodic meetings and counselling for the students.
  • To make the students aware of dehumanizing effect of ragging.
  • Committee members are requested to meet at least once in a semester or as often required to resolve and address ragging issues if any in the campus.
  • All the members are required to make every effort to keep the campus ragging free.


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