Sri Srinivasa Degree College has always stood for excellence and service in the academic area, since its inception. The college strives to achieve the simple goal: ‘to provide an academically sound-base of knowledge for the students’. Pedagogy is important because it gives teachers an insight into the best practices for a classroom setting. 

The college aspires to become one of the best teaching Institutions. This Academic Plan is the initial roadmap for the journey to academic excellence. With few exceptions, we expect the initiatives identified herein to be realized in every semester. At the same time, implementation of this plan will be a continuing process

A high-tech method that includes technology like a Learning Management System (LMS), and a low-tech approach could be more paper-based, using handouts and worksheets.

       University based CurriculumMini-Projects
       Value-added Practical and Theory sessionsStudent Counselling and Mentor ship
       Seminars / Guest LecturesCareer Advise
       Industrial VisitsPersonality Development Programs
       Internal AssessmentsContinuous Progress Assessment
       Remedial ClassesHigh Test Scores

      There are 40 highly qualified and well-experienced faculty members and guest faculties who are shouldering the responsibility of teaching the students with modern aids such as LCD, OHP, Charts, Demonstration etc., visits to research institutions, firms, industries, educational institutes, and research centres of academic excellence are being arranged as a part of education to the students. Workshops, conferences, seminars, symposiums are being conducted for making teaching-learning interesting and innovative. A well furnished seminar hall is available in the college for conducting seminars and guest lectures.

      The members of the management and staff are putting their efforts in bringing out a record of the developments and spectacular achievements in an elegant form, by following the below Academic Programs.

      The entire academic and support activities of each department are now integrated into a formal process model. Thus the course delivery, internal tests, laboratory work, seminars etc., are all planned well in advance and are made available to all concerned staff and students. Regular feedback from the students is obtained and analyzed to improve the entire process. Efficient methods are adopted to analyze the examination results and corrective and preventive actions are taken to improve results. Admissions, Examinations, Library, and other administrative units now operate according to procedures, ensuring high operational quality. Training programs are planned in every department to ensure that teachers and technical staff update their knowledge continuously

      After specified days of teaching, exams will be conducted in the topics that were taught earlier and students who get less than 70% will be made to attend study hours till she/he scores greater than 70% marks. This process will continue through out the academic year.



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