Infrastructure & Facilities


The Campus is provided with all the requirements necessary for modern day education.

Sri Srinivasa Degree College has a secured campus, spread over 2 acres.  Our college campus has two buildings with spacious class rooms in a serene atmosphere which is conducive for students. Administrative office is in the first floor of the first building.

Every care is taken at ‘SRI SRINIVASA DEGREE COLLEGE’ to make the students feel at home. The blocks are spacious and comfortable with independent storage space. The welfare of the students is considered as responsibility by the Management and Staff.  


A well stocked modern library is one of the assets of the college. It has reference books, text books, academic journals, magazines and books of general study related to a variety of subjects taught in  the college. The books on computer science-a subject which is common to both B.Sc and take the lines. Share of total number of books with nearly 200 titles and 500 books.

Equal importance is given to languages, physics, chemistry, mathematics, statistics. The activities of our library are being computerized to enable easy classification, reference, issues and returns.


Separate hostels are provided to boys and girls. Each hostel is equipped with state of the art facilities like furnished rooms, telephone booth, reading room with the latest magazines and newspapers.

All the hostel residents shall abide the hostel rules. Any violation of the hostel rules will be viewed seriously, the hostel wardens are fully competent to deal with the residents. It is made clear that no items like jewelry and other valuable things are not kept with them.    


Students are provided with transportation facilities, connecting to different parts of the Madanapalle town and surrounding rural areas (Chembakur, Vepurikota, Nimmanapalle, Vayalpad, B.Kothakota).


  • Fully-furnished, spacious classrooms.
  • Equipped Computers, Physics, Electronics, Biotechnology, Botany and Chemistry Laboratories with latest Technologies.
  • Excellent library with latest editions of books, reference manuals and magazines.
  • Experienced teaching and non-teaching faculty.

Details of Accommodation

S.No.Room.No.Purpose for which it is used.
Ground Floor:
11Ladies Waiting Room
22Class Room
33Class Room
First Floor:
44Computer Lab-2
66Computer Lab-1
77Principal Room
88Office Room
Second Floor:
99Physics Lab
1010Electronics Lab
1212Class Room
Third Floor :
1313Class Room
1414Class Room
1515Class Room
1616Computer Lab 3 & Computer Lab 4
Toilets :
1717Principal Toilet
1818Staff Toilet
1919Ladies Toilet
2020Ladies Staff Toilet
S.No.Room.No.Purpose for which it is used.
Ground Floor:
2121Class Room
2222Class Room
2323Gents Toilet
First Floor:
2424Class Room
2525Computer Lab – 5
2626Games Room
Second Floor:
2727Chemistry Lab
27-A24Bio-Tech. Lab
2828Class Room
2929Class Room
Third Floor :
3030Class Room
3131Class Room
3232Class Room
3333Class Room
Fourth Floor :
34LCD-1Semenar Hall
35LCD-2Class Room
Class Room
36LCD-3Class Room
Class Room
S.No.Room.No.Purpose for which it is used.
Ground Floor
3734Class Room
3835Class Room
First Floor
3936Class Room
4037Class Room
Second Floor
4138Class Room
4239Class Room
Third Floor
4340Class Room
4441Class Room


Electronics Lab

Electronics Lab equipped with Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (CRO), Regulated Power Supplies, Function Generators, BJT, KCL, KVL, FET, UJT, OP-Amp Characteristic Kits, Microprocessor 8085, Microcontroller MEL Kits along with interfacing modules, Stepper Motors, Temperature Sensors, Keyboard Display Interfaces, PCs with KEIL and Multisim Software.

Physics Lab

Computers Lab

Biotechnology Lab

Chemistry Lab



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